We all Scream for Ustream: An Introduction to Video Streaming in Education

Any classroom lesson can be an episode in your own online show! Ustream.tv makes it easy for teachers to stream video on the web using any computer with a webcam. Create your free account in minutes and learn tricks like how to share your desktop. Then discover how streaming video can create a permeable classroom by connecting your students with peers and experts around the globe.


UPDATE: Ustream Archive of this session: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1215790

Interactive Welcome Activity and Demo

Introduction to Streaming Video and the Read/Write Web

Overview of Ustream.tv

More Examples of Ustream (in Education) - Courtesy of Dean Shareski

Walkthrough of Ustream.tv Basics
  • Signup
  • Create Show
  • Tabs
    • Info
    • Design
    • Clips
    • Share
    • Advanced

Tips and Tricks

Creating A Permeable Classroom
  • Connect with Peers, Experts, and Others
  • Broadcast Student Work, Presentations, or Performances

Extending Ustream with Social Networks

Reflection Activity and Conclusion

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